Ariki's Genome

The Genetic Rescue Foundation

Ariki's Genome

Meet Ariki!

Hatched: 2002; Mother: Sara, Father: Waynebo

Your Donation

By making this purchase you are sponsoring the sequencing of this kākāpō's genome as part of the larger Kakapo 125 project run by The Genetic Rescue Foundation. The Genetic Rescue Foundation is a not-for-profit organization. Your donation will allow scientists to sequence the genome of this individual kākāpō. The Genetic Rescue Foundation believes in open access science. By sponsoring the sequencing of the genome you will not be the legal owner of this genome. The genome will be public domain and will not be the property of any individual or organization. This will allow scientists to have free and open access to make further discoveries from this genetic information.


DNA Portrait

As a thank you for your donation you or a recipient of your choice will receive a piece of DNA Art from our partners DNA11. This art will take the form of a rolled (unframed) 12" x 16" DNA Portrait compiled from the DNA of the individual kākāpō whose genome sequencing you sponsored. You will be able to choose from DNA11's 16 color options and the uniqueness of your image is guaranteed.

Next Steps

After your purchase we will contact you via email to confirm your color preferences and to obtain your shipping address for the DNA portrait. You will also be given an attractive printable certificate as recognition of your donation that you may keep for yourself or present as a gift while the recipient awaits their DNA portrait.

When will the art arrive?

Collecting samples from 125 individual kākāpō and sequencing their genome's is a lengthy process. The objective of The Kakapo 125 project is to complete the sequencing of all 125 known living kākāpō before the end of 2016. As the DNA portrait requires the genetic information of the individual kākāpō before it can be made we must first have obtained the DNA of that individual.

We have already started on the first 40 kākāpō genomes. If your chosen individual is in the first batch it's likely you will receive your DNA portrait faster than subsequent batches. We are not disclosing which individuals are in which batches as we do not want to bias sponsorship in favor of earlier batches. All 125 genomes will be sequenced by the end of 2016 therefore we aim to deliver results and the gifts that come with those results faster than most Kickstarter or similar crowd-funded initiatives.

Questions and Feedback

We welcome any additional questions or feedback you might have. Please feel free to contact us.

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